What is your healthy life style in everyday routine?

First thing first

cultivating Morning routine

  1. As soon as you wake up in morning get up from your bed. Don’t touch anything not mobiles not even light switch. Not a single thought in your mind which will make you go in bed again.Many of us have this habbit of not getting up from our blankets .

So try this get up as soon as your alarm rang and go to toilet.

2. Second thing is get water on your face. drink some water before having brush.

till this point don’t switch on lights.

After 7–8 hours of sleep your eyes pretty much intelligent to handle darkness So keep artificial light switched off

wash face,drink water

3. Now go to your balcony or in lawn and get exposed to natural light take 3–5 deep breaths by keeping your eys open Just observe the miracle how your body absorb that natural light and starts your biological clock and see how that light act as morning kickass waking up caffeine.You feel so rejuvenating you will automatically forget your morning tea or coffee.

After that you are ready to switch on all artificial stuff in your life lights,mobiles,laptops etc.

Absorb natural light.

Very simple and easy to cultivat in your day to day routine

Indulge yourself in this 3 steps only for 7 days if you don’t observe any significant changes then Just leave it.Damn Simple right!!

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